AIM poetry
Jun 27, 2017
3 minutes read

AOL Instant Messenger logged and remixed (2012-2017)

it was Captain Secular Queer Radical Male Feminist of course

does bRad like her? he probably finds her insufficiently radical he would dislike her for the wrong reasons, which is so annoying the enemy of my enemy is sometimes still my enemy. because fuck that guy feeling superior and taking the high road feels good so i’m just going to do that. nothing says “fuck you” like continuing to be an extremely supportive colleague. “did you feel that I insulted you when I said the liberal path wasn’t as hardcore as the radical path?” are you kidding me NOPE the radical path only he dares to walk it. for the flavor. when we tear into their fles a mother god sacrifices herself no words a burst of milk in our mouths impressive, five stars THIS are my WORDS THIS IS my feminism not hiding under a chair but nude WRITHING UGLYPERFECT angels. look at you you’re a slam poet congrats it just came so naturally you know. they would have had to wheel me out of the poetry slam on a gurney for real though i would make Radical Queer Feminist Dude my nemesis but I don’t see him very often anymore so it’s hard to keep my hatefires stoked

but father figure came on the radio and i went through the seven stages of realizing i’m listening to father figure.

omg oooh what the shit i really like this song hm.
oh my god what IS it oh maaaaaaaaan i’m mad at how into this i am oh i know this song. oh noooo noooooooooooo I CAN’T BELIEVE IT this is embarrassing
very cringe much embarrass so trashy FUCK YOU KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO WATCH RIGHT FUCKING NOW (guess) star trek? god dammit. kirk is so sad. he just wants to make pike proud and be loved. my faves wasn’t that incredible arguably the most important song of all time ok. listen. please listen to this song and visualize the hannibal vid that should go along with it. oh my god fuck off You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.


i feel like i’m gonna be suuuuuuuper into this link me i’m like completely losing my shit i was gonna say “not sure if want” but lbr i’m gonna read it OK BUT LITERALLY THIS IS THE WORST THING I’VE EVER READ i keep reding like a paragraph of that fic you linked and then i have to do something else for like ten minutes in embarrassment what the fuck is this fandom’s problem. imagine me splashing holy water at ao3 do you like it??? i love it. thisi s the best fanfic of my life honestly i like, was literally gagging watches any dignity i had left quietly drift off into the sunset apparently the tl;dr of me is “robots, blankets, weird sex”

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